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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: April Recommendations for Teens

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Recommendations for Teens


Saga by Conor Kostick - Meet Ghost, she's a member of the anarcho-punk airboard gang who live to break the rules. They live in Saga, a futuristic corrupt monarchy which enforces a strict class system through hi-tech devices. Soon strange things start to happen in Saga, people appearing and disappearing, as if using special effects. Ghost and the Gang learn that Saga is not actually real but a sentient computer game, and the strangers are actually players on New Earth. The game attempts to enslave the population of New Earth. Ghost and her gang must stop it and join forces with Erik and his friends from Epic, a parallel game world. Find out what happens in this action packed gaming adventure that has an all too real feel to it.

Spirit by J.P. Hightman - Blackthorne, a town that everyone knows is haunted just happens to be the site winter carnival that hopes to breathe life into this old town. A train is bound to this mysterious place carrying the promise of fireworks, sleigh rides and skating…that is if it arrives. Tess and Tobias Goodraven are ghost hunters bound for Blackthorne to hunt ghosts, when the train they are on is derailed in mysterious woods, and find that it is haunted by a witch. Now Tess and Tobias have to use their wits and skills to combat this malevolent creature and ghosts of their past. This eerie ghost story is a great work of witches and ghosts in Victorian England.

Chalice by Robin McKinley - Mirasol is just a lowly beekeeper in an obscure corner of the Willowlands. She spends much of her time minding her bees and her goats with only passing interest in the rest of the Willowlands. When the Master and the Chalice, ruler and protector of the land are killed in a fire, the country goes into a panic for neither declared an heir before they died. The Circle has tracked down the last remaining heir of the Master, who left years ago to become a priest of Fire, and has agreed to come back. Mirasol is too caught up in her own problems to worry about the new Master, her bees are producing too much honey and her goats are fountaining milk! The Circle come and declares her the next Chalice, and Mirosol's life is changed forever. How will the new Master and Chalice bring order to the Willowlands? Find out in this fantastic fantasy from one of the masters of fantasy.

Vampire High by Douglas Rees - The first day at a new school can be unsettling, but it turns out there is something weird about the new school Cody Elliot is attending. Its name is Vlad Dracul and the principle is seven feet tall and has a pet wolf, the kids all are tall, silent and wear sunglass in the middle of winter. Soon it dawns on Cody that he attends a school of Vampires. It turns out the only reason he attends the school is to play Water Polo, since the Vampires or Jenti (its what they call themselves) have a thing for water and the school has to have water sports. This should be a dream come true; no homework, no studying, all he has to do is play sports, but something seems off to Cody. He starts to do the super hard homework, he befriends two of the Jenti, and when he donates blood things get out of control. This is a funny, and satirical look at vampires and people, and how to survive high school in one piece.

Order of Odd Fish by James Kennedy - Jo Larouche's arrival at the house of her aunt, Lily, was a mysterious drop-off in the laundry room. Attached to Jo's blanket was a note of caution that Jo was, in fact, "a dangerous baby." Now, thirteen years later, all of Jo's dangerous qualities have only added up to a glass of milk, according to Aunt Lily. When strange events unravel at Aunt Lily's costumed Christmas party, the quiet California desert life will soon no longer be able to contain Jo and her potential. Once a mysterious box drops from the clouds, addressed to Jo from none other than the Order of Odd-Fish, Jo and Aunt Lily find themselves heading for Eldritch City—where civilization is fashioned from the absurd. The Order of Odd-Fish is a fun, funny story full of oddball characters and the best cockroach butler you will ever find in a book. It appears as though pages have been ripped from Roald Dahl and Lewis Carroll, twisted all up, and then bound together with Monty Python-esque decoration—a truly entertaining book, fallen from the clouds . . . with your name on it.


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