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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: June Recommendations for Teens

Friday, June 6, 2008

June Recommendations for Teens

Metamorphosis @ Your Library - Teen Summer Reading Program 2008, June 2 to July 26!


Gym Candy by Carl Deuker - Groomed by his father to be a star player, football is the only thing that has ever really mattered to Mick Johnson, who works hard for a spot on the varsity team his freshman year, then tries to hold onto his edge by using steroids, despite the consequences to his health and social life.

Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt - When Lord Death comes to claim sixteen-year-old Keturah while she is lost in the King's Forest, she charms him with her story and is granted a twenty-four hour reprieve in which to seek her one true love.

Black Duck by Janet Taylor Lisle - Years afterwards, Ruben Hart tells the story of how, in 1929 Newport, Rhode Island, his family and his best friend's family were caught up in the violent competition among groups trying to control the local rum-smuggling trade.

The White Darkness by Geraldine McCaughrean - Taken to Antarctica by the man she thinks of as her uncle for what she believes to be a vacation, Symone--a troubled fourteen year old--discovers that he is dangerously obsessed with seeking Symme's Hole, an opening that supposedly leads into the center of a hollow Earth.

The Off Season by Catherine Murdock - High school junior D.J. staggers under the weight of caring for her badly injured brother, her responsibilities on the dairy farm, a changing relationship with her friend Brian, and her own athletic aspirations.


Cool Hair: A Teenager's Guide to the Best Beauty Secrets on Hair, Makeup, and Style by Vincent Roppatte - Barnes & Noble: "A lavish, full-color book packed with tips and inspiration for teenage girls on how to make the most of their looks. The master stylist at Saks Fifth Avenue reveals the secrets teens can use to notch up their sense of style and self-esteem."

LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout
by L.L. Cool J - "LL didn't always have a diesel body—he chiseled it the old-fashioned way, with hard work and discipline. Here he shares the secrets of his transformation in a uniquely creative, yet no-nonsense regimen—enlivened with humor and sheer force of personality—that will inspire readers to enjoy working out as never before, while building a body they never thought possible."

Safe Dieting for Teens by Linda Ojeda - "Safe Dieting for Teens contains straightforward, nonjudgmental advice that teens can easily understand and follow. The book emphasizes slow, safe weight loss and encourages readers to take control of their own health by explaining what's in the foods they eat and providing many alternatives to higher fat foods."

Weight Loss Confidential: How Teen Lose Weight and Keep It Off—and What They Wish Parents Knew
by Anne M. Fletcher - Publishers Weekly: "With teen obesity a big issue in the U.S., the author of Thin for Life turns her expertise toward helping overweight teens and their parents adopt proven strategies for weight loss—together."

The 3-Hour Diet for Teens: Lose Weight and Feel Great in Two Weeks! by Jorge Cruise - From the Publisher: "The 3-Hour Diet has helped America lose weight and keep it off. Now it's your turn. Lose weight while still eating at the cafeteria or out with your friends! Jorge Cruise has customized his plan to fit your needs as a busy teen. Take the 3-Hour challenge and get ready for a slimmer you!"


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