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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: December Recommendations for Kids

Monday, December 1, 2008

December Recommendations for Kids


Thirteen by Lauren Myracle - If you have read the books Eleven or Twelve than you would know all about Winnie Perry and her adventures in life. Now that she is thirteen and the life of a teenager has begun for her, it's a ginormous deal! She is caught between bff #1 who is growing up too slowly and bff #2 who is growing up way too fast. Additonally, there are some huge changes about to happen in her family. Check out this book to keep up with Winnie and her hectic life!

Deep Down Popular by Phoebe Stone - Conrad Parker Smith is the most popular boy in the school, and even in the whole town! Jesse Lou Ferguson is not very popular, and usually sits alone at lunch. Conrad has no thoughts at all for Jesse Lou, but Jesse Lou thinks about him all the time. Then things change, Conrad hurts his leg at school, and Jesse Lou is assigned to help him home that day. With the hurt leg Conrad can't keep up with his friends, and starts to hang out with Jesse Lou more often. Will this friendship work between someone who is deep down popular like Conrad and someone who is really not popular like Jesse Lou? Find out in this funny, well-crafted book about two people from two different worlds.

For Me? by Harmen van Straaten - While doing laundry Duck gets a knock on his door and discovers an envelope with a picture and a flower. Not sure what this means he goes to his friends and discovers that they too received a card and a flower. This leads to a guessing game of what these mean. While in the middle of the game Mole, the new neighbor shows up and introduces herself and admits it was she that left the notes and flowers, explaining that she was very shy. Duck and friends welcome Mole and have a grand time. The soft watercolor art enhances this simple story about friendship. This book is suited for reading in small groups.


Do Not Open by John Farndon - Well with a title like that you have no choice but to open this book! This book is crammed with tons of information about strange, weird and just unexplainable things. It contains everything from hackers and famous prisoners to Nostradamus and the lost city of Atlantis. The book is presented in crazy art stuffed with facts and other information, the perfect read for when you just want to discover something new!

Car Science by Richard Hammond - How do cars work? What is Horsepower? What world record can a car break? All these questions are answered and more in this fascinating book! There is a science behind the workings of a car; everything from how the engine works to the composition of tires, and even how to drive a car. Filled with great photos and computer images, this book can entertain for hours.


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