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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: May Recommendations for Teens

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Recommendations for Teens


The Other Book by Philip Womack - Life for Edward Pollack at the Oldstone Manor boarding school is fairly average for him; avoiding football games, being weary of cafeteria food, and joking around with his friends, oh and he reads a bit too much. One day in the library he is drawn to a mysterious old dusty book, and suddenly things at school get more interesting…but scary also. The dusty old book turns out to be the Other Book, a tome of magic which has come to life, and Edward becomes its guardian. The book holds the power to create heroes or villains and Edward must walk a thin line between the two while keeping it safe from those that would abuse it. A great magical adventure sure to delight Harry Potter fans.

The Order of Odd Fish by James Kennedy - Jo Larouche has lived all her life with her aunt Lily in the California desert. Her aunt found her with a note: "This is Jo. Please take care of her. But beware. This is a DANGEROUS Baby." Her aunt will say that this is not true at all, and actually Jo is as dangerous as a glass of milk. Everything changes during her aunt's annual X-Mas party. Someone dressed as a hedgehog shoots the Russian Colonel, a talking cockroach is in the basement, and a package drops from the sky for Jo from the "Order of Odd Fish." Jo and Lily join the Order of Odd Fish, which turns out to be a mysterious group of knights who research useless information. Jo and Lily's life become strange and almost unbelievable, as crazy events help Jo get closer to understanding a destiny she didn't know she had. This hilarious book is full of crazy happenings, and wacky moments. Must read for fans of Terry Pratchett, and lovers of great adventure fiction.

Samurai by Jason Hightman - Simon and his father Aldric are the last living decedents of the Saint George, legendary dragon slayer, and together they strike fear into the hearts of western dragons. Their adventures take them to the Far East where they must confront the threat of Asian Dragons. They partner with Samurai, warriors pledged to the rid their land of these creatures. Together the St. Georges and the Samurai must save all of mankind from the dangerous Dragons. An quick paced adventure filled book complete with amazing snippets of dragon lore.

Voices by Ursula K. Le Guin - The once beautiful city of Ansul, a peaceful city of traders and scholars, are conquered by the Alds, men of the desert who think reading and writing are evil. The Alds do their best to destroy all books and outlaw writing by making it punishable by death. The last refuge of books and writing in the city is the Oracle House, only spared because the Alds believe it filled with demons. Young Memer is blessed to live in the Oracle House, where she learns to read, write, and find family among its inhabitants. Then one day Orrec, a traveling Poet, and his wife Gry arrive and everything in Memer's life and the city Ansul begin to change. Will this mysterious poet rally the people to rebel against their oppressors or lead to the demise of the Oracle House? This fantastic coming of age story is a fantastic read, and perfect for those that love fantasy.


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