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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: January Recommendations for Kids

Monday, January 4, 2010

January Recommendations for Kids


Jim Copp, Will You Tell Me a Story: Three Uncommonly Clever Tales by Jim Copp - A reissue of three of Jim Copp’s inimitable tales; mutinous Kate Higgins who wouldn’t take her pill, Martha Matilda O’Toole who forgets nearly everything she needs for school and finally arrives to discover it’s Sunday, and the nightmare fourth grade teacher, Miss Goggins and the Gorilla who fires her!

Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang by Mordecai Richlet - Jacob Two-Two, who is two plus two plus two and has two ears and two eyes and two arms and two feet and two shoes and two older brothers and two older sisters. While attempting to run his first errand, Jacob Two-Two annoys the shopkeeper and is sentenced to the Children’s Prison after traveling there by car, train, bus, helicopter, ox-cart, rickshaw, stilts, dinghy, skis, submarine, flying balloon, camel, raft, dogsled, roller skates, glider and motorcycle accompanied by Master Fish and Mistress Fowl. Can Child Power free him from the clutches of the Hooded Fang and save him from being fed to two sharks? Other books in this classic series are Jacob Two-Two ‘s First Spy Case, and Jacob Two-Two and the Dinosaur.

The Cats of Roxville Station by Jean Craighead George - Rachet, a tiger striped cat, is thrown off a bridge near the Roxville train station, and struggles to survive along with other feral cats. Rachet attracts the attention of Mike, a fourteen-year-old foster child, who is not allowed to have a pet. Mike over time gains her trust and begins to learn to speak cat. Laced with facts, this will appeal to readers who enjoy life-like stories.

It’s a Secret by John Burningham - What do cats really do at night that causes them to sleep all day? One night, Marie Elaine follows her cat Malcom on his adventures!

Magic Box by Katie Cleminson - Eva receives a very special box for her birthday, and becomes a master magician! What can you do with a box?


The Boys’ Book of Greatness: Even More Ways to Be the Best at Everything by Martin Oliver - Contains directions for important boy skills, such as whistling loudly, how to slackline, how to survive a terrible haircut, how to call like Tarzan, how to keep your sneakers from stinking, how to be a ventriloquist, how to skid your bike, how to power a lightbulb with a lemon, how to ride a camel, and many more!

Times Tables Made Easy by Joe Harris - Bright, colorful books packed with hints, tips, and tricks to help with the mastery of the multiplication tables. Fun games and activites are included in this comprehensive book.

109 Forgotten American Heroes by Chris Ying - A sprightly, irreverent look at some standard and unusual American heroes. Which president of the U.S. kept a giant wheel of cheddar chese, about 4 feet high and 2 feet thick in the White House lobby for two years, and served it in his last big party in office? Why are there brass rivets in Levis? Why did Hanson Crockett Gregory, a ship’s captain from Maine put a hole in the doughnut? What are Botts dots and how do they save lives? How can canned Spam be a hero?

Why Pi? by Johnny Ball - Why does anything need to be measured? Find out why math applies to everything from music, sound, weather, pressure, electricity, light, temperature, maps, buildings, earthquakes, and the universe! Find out what a mouthful or a jerk measures. The measure of how bad something smells is measured in hobos! (would be good for booktalks)

You Are the First Kid on Mars by Patrick O’Brien - What would it be like to be the first kid on Mars? What would you see? What would you do?


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