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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: April Recommendations for Kids

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Recommendations for Kids


After Ever After by Jordan Sonnenblick - Jeffrey had cancer in the fourth grade, and with his friend Tad, a bitingly sarcastic cancer survivor, they navigate the perils of eighth grade. What does one do with their life when left with aftereffects and emotional scars? How does one live happily ever after with the specter of relapse always on the horizon? A funny, honest look at life – cancer and all.

The Middle-Child Blues by Kristyn Crow - For all the middle children who feel their life is unfair, Lee’s older brother gets to stay up later, and his younger sister does not have chores. Lee is hardly noticed, hardly seen, until he gets out his guitar!

Journey to the River Sea by Three English orphans: Maia, Clovis and Finn; Miss Minton, Maia’s new governess, two nasty spoiled twin counsins, and the lure of the Amazon combine for a rollicking adventure. This is what President Obama just bought for his daughters!

A Nest for Celeste by Henry Cole - Celeste the mouse is searching for a new home, and is befriended by Joseph, John James Audubon’s teen assistant. The abundance of charming pencil drawings enliven the tale of this lively mouse and her death defying escapades.

The Big Fat Cow that Goes Kapow by Andy Griffiths - It’s raining big fat cows, cows underwater, cows in space, and don’t look now, there are even big fat exploding cows! A wacky book for beginning readers.


Hurricanes! by Gail Gibbons - Hurricane comes from hurakan, the name for the ancient Mayan god of the big winds. This brightly colored, profusely illustrated book explains hurricanes in simple terms, and breaks down the categories of the storms. A brief history of the biggest hurricanes to affect the United States is included.

Where Else in the Wild? More Camouflaged Creatures Concealed…and Revealed by David M. Schwartz - Find the animals hidden in this book! Have you ever seen an ambush bug who sits on flowers waiting to pounce on unsuspecting insects and sink its razor sharp mouth parts into them? Or what about a scorpionfish, some of whom have needlelike spines over a foot long filled with venom?


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