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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: July Recommendations for Kids

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Recommendations for Kids


Ten-Gallon Bart Beats the Heat by Susan Stevens Crummel - It was hot, hot, hot in Dog City! Sound like a Bakersfield summer? Bart the dog decides to beat the heat by going to Alaska where it’s cool. Bart samples many of the local attractions, but digging for gold proves to be nearly the end of him!

Shark Vs. Train by Chris Barton - Shark and train face off- who will win? They compete eating pies, having a burping contest, running lemonade stands, performing in a piano recital and playing extreme zombie-squirrel motocross. Great fun!

Little Boat by Thomas Docherty - The ocean is a big place, but still Little Boat sails on past giant waves and sea monsters.

The Story of Cirrus Flux by Matthew Skelton - Cirrus Flux, who lives in a foundling hospital in 1783 London, has suddenly become an object of interest to several menacing characters in pursuit of his mysterious pendant which holds the breath of God. Hair raising chases and hot air balloon rides mark this swiftly moving story. Peppered with flashbacks to Cirrus’s seafaring father, this adventure careens from a chilling mesmerist to a villain who dabbles in electrical experiments, to a wheelchair bound man who maintains an intricate telescopic citywide spy system.


Chess in Action by Paul Mantell - The long, hot days of summer are the perfect time to learn or increase your chess playing skills. Become the mighty commander battling a worthy opponent, and learn to make sacrifices to achieve final victory. This book covers the basics to winning strategies and everything in between. Included is a list of Internets sites for online battles.

World of the Weird by Tracey Turner - A bicycle riding frog, bog snorkeling, how to make a chocolate insect snack, Northern Lights, how to make a fossil, star jelly, raining frogs, and plants which supposedly grab cows! All this and more weird facts await you inside this fascinating book!

Sparky by Beverly Gherman - A glimpse into the life of Charles Schulz, the beloved creator of the comic strip, "Peanuts". This provides insight into the origin of some of his most popular characters.

An Egret’s Day by Jane Yolen - Brief facts and spectacular photos accompany Yolen’s beautiful poetry about the majestic egret.

Kid Made Modern by Todd Oldham - 52 kid friendly handmade projects with easy to follow steps for both kids and parents. From paper light cubes to fold and place over twinkle light to a brown bag book cover painted using bubble wrap, it’s all fun for a long summer day!

A Thousand Years of Pirates by William Gilkerson - Read about the pirate queen of Ireland, Granuaile, a dark haired beauty who married at sixteen. Her third son was born at sea, and the following day, while caring for her new infant, she stayed below deck until Saracen pirates attacked her ship. As they gained the upper hand, she rallied her men, by yelling, "Can’t you do with out me for even a day!" which caused her crew to rally and triumph over their attackers. At age 61 she sailed brashly to London, requesting an audience with Queen Elizabeth. Many other pirates swashbuckling adventures fill this fascinating book.


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