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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: December Recommendations for Kids

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Recommendations for Kids


Spaceheadz by Jon Scieszka - Michael K.’s first day of day of fifth grade in a new school and he is stuck sitting with aliens! Bob and Jennifer, and their talkative hamster major Fluffy, are on earth to recruit millions of kids into spaceheads in an effort to save the earth from being turned off. Michael had previously starred in a cereal commercial, claiming he could do anything, and since the aliens feed on earth’s errant TV and radio broadcast waves they believe he is perfect to help them recruit 3.14 million kids to their cause. Log onto to become a spaceheadz yourself!

Olivia Claus by Kama Einhorn - ‘Twas the Night before Christmas and Mathilda, Olivia’s favorite stuffed monkey, is nowhere to be found!! How can it be a Merry Christmas, and how can Olivia save the day and find what’s missing?

Tacky’s Christmas by Helen Lester - The penguins are having a rollicking good time—until the hunters appear! Can Tacky save Christmas? Also included is a CD of Tacky’s Carols: Christmas Songs from Nice Icy Land.

Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas by Julia Rawlinson - On an ice-bright Christmas Eve Fletcher the Fox suddenly realized Santa may not be able to find his rabbits’ new burrow. With the help of various forest friends, Fletcher makes a trail for Santa, and all is well, until it snows!

Llama Llama Holiday Drama by Anna Dewdney - Llama llama has a holiday meltdown!

Tuck Me In! by Dean Hacohen and Sherry Scharschmidt - A marvelous book for bedtime where youngsters can help tuck in various animals. The zebra, peacock, hedgehog, moose, elephant, and then lastly the child, each sport their own colorful blanket. A soothing read for those frantic holiday nights, or a welcome gift for the youngest.

Griff Carver, Hallway Patrol by Jim Krieg - Griff Carver promises the old lady (aka Mom), that this time it will be different; he won’t let his job as safety patrolman at his middle school consume his life. When he discovers a counterfeit hallpass ring engineered by class president candidate, Marcus "The Smile" Volger, he cannot resist the power his shiny badge brings and the opportunity to bring justice to all. An amusing romp through the perils of middle school.


How to Improve at Judo by Ashley Martin - Profusely illustrated guide from the basics, to advanced skills. The text covers throws, locks, breakfalls, equipment, holds, rules, and more.


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