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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: February Recommendations for Kids

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Recommendations for Kids


My Fake Boyfriend Is Better Than Yours by Kristina Springer - Tori and Sienna are entering seventh grade and Sienna has been away on vacation for 6 weeks and returns with stories about her dreamy new boyfriend. Tori is convinced she made up a boyfriend, and so she invents a fake boyfriend. Life comes to a head when both girls are scheduled to bring their boyfriends to the school dance. Can they ever be friends again? Who has a real boyfriend?


Hot Diggity Dog: The History of the Hot Dog by Adrienne Sylver - Hot dogs are one of America’s favorite foods and in July we consume more than two billion hot dogs!! Unique hot dogs are salmon dogs topped with avocadoes and carrots are popular in Miami, and in West Virginia hillbilly Hot dogs serve hot dogs topped with ketchup, cheese, and scrambled eggs!!

Little Monsters Cookbook by Zac Williams - Recipes for you and your little monster to concoct. Featuring Wolfsbane elixir, frankenfeet, vampire bites, mummy pups, werewolf skins, dusty old bones, monster-in-the moat fondue, and Zuppa di zombie. There is surely a recipe to please even the most frightfully picky eaters!

How Football Works by Keltie Thomas - Just in time for the Superbowl! Did you know the average NFL team uses about 2,500 pairs of shoes, 7,000 sticks of chewing gum, and 300 miles of tape? Find out when passing was first introduced, and what a quarterback sneak entails. This book covers the basics of the game, the history, legends, regulations, equipment and even whether it is legal to spray one's jersey with nonstick spray!

Mysteries of the Komodo Dragon by Martha L. Crump - Ten feet long, with jagged teeth, and deadly drool, Komodo dragons can consume 5 pounds of food per minute. Komodo dragons are a type of monitor lizard found on the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia, and generally have a life span of thirty years. Komodo dragons can kill their prey with just one bite and are able to slay a 1,300 pound water buffalo! Young dragons live in the trees the first two years of their life to avoid cannibalistic adults, and can range 6 miles per day and even swim in the ocean!

DeSean Jackson by Seth Pulditor - Jackson is a native Californian and played for the Cal Bears under coach Tedford. He is small for a wide receiver, but his amazing speed has contributed to him being named to the 2010 and 2011 Pro Bowls.

Mardi Gras by Dianne MacMillan - Traditionally, Carnival season begins on Twelfth Night, or January 6th. The French and Spanish called the days before lent 'carnival' derived from the Latin words 'carne' and 'vale' which means 'farewell meat' , since many Christians did not eat meat during Lent (the six weeks before Easter). The days leading up to Mardi Gras become increasingly filled with fun until the advent of Mardi Gras itself, which boasts parades and balls. This year Mardi Gras is March 8th, read this book to help plan some fun festivities!


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