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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: August Recommendations for Kids

Friday, August 1, 2008

August Recommendations for Kids


Martha in the Middle by Jan Fearnley - Martha is the middle mouse, between older sister Clara and younger brother Ben. Martha was always in the middle of everything: meals, games, even fights. Clara and Ben got all the recognition and Martha felt ignored. So she runs away to the far side of the garden where she meets a frog who shows her why being in the middle is often the best spot to be in. This is a great story for those middle children out there to learn that being in the middle is actually very good!

Mail Harry to the Moon by Robie H. Harris - Before Harry came life was very good for his brother, but now Harry seems to come first all the time and life is not fair. Why can't Harry be sent to the zoo, or put in the trash, or…mailed to the moon! When his brother wakes up one morning and doesn't hear Harry anywhere, after a mad search he realizes that maybe Harry was mailed to the Moon! He jumps in his spaceship and flies to the moon to bring Harry back. This fun story is perfect for families with a new sibling on the way.

Never Take a Shark to the Dentist (And Other Things Not To Do) by Judi Barrett - As the cover suggests, you should never take a shark to the dentist…you just don't know what will happen! This book is filled with many other don't do's like never shake hands with a lobster, or go shoe shopping with a centipede. Each pearl of wisdom is accompanied by a great illustration.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, Illustrated by Gris Grimly - The tale of Sleepy Hollow goes through yet another incarnation, but what makes this version special is the grisly and almost comic artwork of Gris Grimly. The tale is the classic story of Ichabod Crane and his encounter with the Headless Horseman, but is laid out in a graphic novel format and filled with fantastic artwork. You get a good idea of what Ichabod Crane looks like, or how the Headless Horseman really is something to be afraid of. This is a great book that takes a classic tale and turns it into something perfect for today's readers.

The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas - Young Conn was just looking for a few coins to lift, but was surprised to have stolen the magic from a real Wizard! This leads to an apprenticeship to a possibly crazy wizard named Nevery, an investigation into what is happening to the magic in the city, and he must find his locus magicalicus (or magic stone) in just thirty days! This is a fast-paced adventure in the spirit of Harry Potter. Told in the first person by young Conn, and with occasional insights from Nevery's Journal, this story is a ton of fun and sure to be a great read.


Ask Dr. K. Fisher about Dinosaurs by Claire Llewellyn - Yet another book about dinosaurs, that may be true, but this one is fun! Each page is first a letter asking a serious or silly question about dinosaurs and the next page is the answer written by Dr. K. Fisher! The cartoon-style illustrations really put life into the book. If you are looking for something different with dinosaurs be sure to check out this book!

A Boy Named Beckoning: The True Story of Dr. Carlos Montezuma, Native American Hero by Gina Capaldi - In 1871, a five year old boy named Wassaja was kidnapped from his Yavapai tribe in a raid by the Pima, their traditional enemies. His captors sold him to an Italian immigrant photographer who raised him as a son. Beautiful illustrations and original photographs add impact to the drama of his life story, much of it in words taken from his letters and interviews. In an era of U.S. history when Native Americans had few legal and civil rights, Dr. Montezuma became a medical doctor, researcher, publisher, and civil rights activist yet never forgot his real name.

How the Incredible Human Body Works by Richard Walker - There are many books out there on how the human body works but this one will appeal to children for the clever way the body's functions and purposes are illustrated and explained. There are a series of fold out pages that show a big picture (i.e. the nose) and then go into the details (how the nose works and its parts). This is a fantastic book that is sure to be useful to children of all ages.

What To Do About Alice? by Barbara Kerley - President Teddy Roosevelt could handle just about anything: grizzly bears, herding thousands of cattle, and being president. But there was one person that just about drove him crazy: his daughter Alice. This is a fantastic telling of the amazing and energetic life of Alice Roosevelt. Everyone learns about the famous president, but it's nice to learn about his daughter that wished to "eat up the world." The story of her life is well crafted and very enjoyable! I encourage both adults and children to pick up this book and learn a bit about Alice Roosevelt.

When the Wolves Returned by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent - This is a fantastic book that chronicles the history of wolves at Yellowstone National Park. The book does a great job showing how wolves were originally hunted and virtually removed from the park, documenting all the changes that happened when the wolves were removed from their natural home. Finally the book tells about how it was decided to return the wolves to the park and how the balance of nature was restored. There are plenty of fantastic photographs of animals and of course the wolves, that brings this great tale of why we should be careful playing with nature. A must read for all children and adults that love nature.


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