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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: January Recommendations for Teens

Friday, January 2, 2009

January Recommendations for Teens


Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley - Charlotte Usher is neither popular nor noticeable, and tries hard to fit into her high school and be noticed. When she chokes to death on a gummy bear, she becomes a ghost and still has to attend Dead Ed. Charlotte continues to think about the living and aches to be accepted and will not let being dead stop her. Check out this fun novel about how hard it is to be popular in school in life and death.

SPUD by John Van De Ruit - Spud Milton is about to begin life at an exclusive boarding school in South Africa. Through his diary you discover his exposure to insanity and weirdness. His fellow students are a colorful bunch: Rambo and Boggo, who cause no end of mayhem, Gecko who succumbs to every passing malady, and Fatty an overeater intent on breaking the school's sustained-fart record. There is an abundance of British humor and some local terms used, but this book is a riot and tons of fun to read.

The Naming by Alison Croggon - Maerad has spent most of her life as a slave, taken as a child after the rest of her family had been killed in war. Life seems grim until she meets the traveling bard Cadvan, and learns that she has a destiny far beyond her imagining. Maerad has a gift, one that is rare and powerful and she must learn to use it in order to save the world from the otherworldly terror known as the Nameless. This is a rich and amazing book that begins an epic story that readers of fantasy will consume.

Child of the Dark Prophecy by T.A. Barron - In this first book of the Great Tree of Avalon, readers are taken to the magical land of Avalon, born from the seed that Merlin planted ages ago. In this land creatures of all kinds live to together in harmony. Until evil starts to roam the land, mysterious disasters, brutal fights, and then suddenly the stars in the sky disappear. The fate of Avalon rests on three young people: Elli, an escaped slave turned priestess; Tamwyn, a homeless wilderness guide; and Scree, an eagleman with a great secret. But unknown to all of them, one is destined to be the child of the Dark Prophecy, and only one of them can save Avalon. Pick up this great escape into a world filled with magic and mystery.

Moribito Guardian of the Spirit by Nahoko Uehashi - Balsa is a fighter, and a protector. She uses her vast amount of skills to serve both the rich and the poor in her quest to redeem the eight lives lost for her sake. In her latest quest she must put all her skill to the test to ensure the Second Prince Chagum survives his quest. Chagum is the Maoribito, or the guardian of the Spirit, and is chosen to deliver the egg of the water spirit from his home to the distant sea. The journey is long and made difficult by the pursuit of the egg eating monster Rarunga and Chagum's own father. This book is full of warriors, honor, duty, and great adventure; great for those who want an epic story without the epic amount of pages.


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