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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: August Recommendations for Teens

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August Recommendations for Teens


Kieli: The Dead Sleep in the Wilderness by Yukako Kabei - Based on the manga, Kieli is able to see ghosts. Becca, her roommate, is the spirit of a former student still living in Kieli's dorm. Kieli's life changes abruptly when they meet Harvey, one of the Undying, who is also able to see ghosts. Harvey, who is being hunted by the Church, is destined for war. What do Kieli and Harvey share?

Slept Away by Julie Kraut - In spite of her objections, fifteen-year-old city girl Laney is sent to rustic Camp Timber Trails for the summer. Her privileged world unravels as she learns to clean toilets, exist without caffeine, and survive without her iPhone. Can she endure the lack of air conditioning, make friends, and find romance?

So Punk Rock (And Other Ways to Disappoint Your Mother) by Micol Ostow - Judaism, punk rock, and SAT scores. Ari’s parents dream of him attending a prestigious college, and Ari dreams of ska and Sari. Ari forms the Tribe, earns modest fame, and learns about life and love.

The Restless Dead: Ten Original Stories of the Supernatural, edited by Deborah Noyes - The dead should rest in peace, but these ten tales contain stories of the dead who are awake when they shouldn’t be, and may keep you awake!

Night of the Fifth Moon by Anna Ciddor - When Ket is seven, his father is stripped of his chieftain robes and title. For five years Ket and five other fosterlings study to become Faelan’s assistant. With the omen of the raven, Faelan, the druid, determines that it is time for one fosterling to be sent away each new moon. until only two remain. A fast moving adventure set in Celtic Ireland.


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