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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: March Recommendations for Kids

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Recommendations for Kids


Don’t Read This Book! by Jill Lewis - The King is ready to star in a brand new, exciting story, but oh no, the story has disappeared! So, the King threatens to throw you in the dungeon if you keep reading! The King frantically gallops through Storyland to put the story together, and then only has a couple of pages to tell the entire story! A fun bedtime read!


You Can Cook
by Annabel Karmel - Hungry? Want some tasty recipes you and your child can concoct? Sticky chicken drumsticks, fish bites (think fish nuggets!), cupcakes, pancakes, smoothies, muffins, chocolate orange brownies, classy sandwiches, and much more with mouth watering photos!

Trick of the Eye: Art and Illusion by Silke Vry - How do artists play with our perception? Can you make some illusions? Tricks with perspectives, color, optical illusions, and hidden images from famous works of art.

Screaming With Laughter: Jokes About Ghosts, Ghouls, Zombies, Dinosaurs, Bugs, and Other Scary Creatures by Michael Dahl - What do you get when you cross a ghost with a firecracker? Bamboo. Where does a Triceratops sit? On its Tricerabottom! Lots more riddles await you in this fun book!

Ace Your Sports Science Project: Great Science Fair Ideas by Madeline Goodstein - Looking for a fun and interesting science project? Explore project ideas and experiments dealing with the physics of sports, from baseball speed, basketball shooting positions, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, or the flight of a tennis ball. This title is just one of the newly acquired titles in the Ace your Physics Science Project series, or the related Ace your Biology Science Project series.

Lizards by Nic Bishop - Geckos, chameleons, iguanas, monitors, skinks- lizards of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Lizards which fly, lizards which swim, lizards as small as one’s thumbnail, and other lizards which are 10 feet long. Filled with amazing pictures such as a gecko grabbing a cricket, a thorny devil from Australia, and a basilisk running on top the water!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Enter if You Dare by Geoff Tibballs - Not for the squeamish! There is a new species of rat from Papua New Guinea as big as a cat and is longer than 32” and weighs 3 lbs! Have you ever seen a cat which weighs over 22 lbs, or a giant African snail that is 10” long? Would you like to be like Shen Wang from China who grew his pinky fingernail for 15 years until it was 18” long? Did you know Ashton Kutcher has webbed toes? Ever heard of the World Gravy Wrestling Championships? A calf with 3 nostrils? Or Li and Yan who married in China covered with an entire swarm of bees! All this and more with pictures!


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