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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: May Recommendations for Kids

Monday, May 2, 2011

May Recommendations for Kids


The Boy in the Oak by Jessica Albarn - Long ago a boy lived with his parents in a cottage at the edge of the forest. His cruel tricks infuriated the fairies until they cast a spell that caused the ancient oak to swallow him whole. The boy is trapped inside until he unselfishly saves a young girl from entrapment by the fairies. Dreamy artwork with semitranslucent pages add to this haunting tale.

Dear Hound by Jill Murphy - Alfie is a deerhound with extremely expressive ears, and when he is sent to the dog sitter, he is so upset he runs away. With the assistance of s ome foxes, he tries to find his way home to his boy, Charlie.

My Mommy Hung the Moon by Jamie Lee Curtis - Just in case some people need reminding, mothers can do ANYTHING! Growl every bear, write all the books, feathers all the birds, bakes cookies, sparkles each star, she’s the boss, cures all the sick, and lights up the sun. No wonder mom is so loved!

Little Rabbit and the Meanest Mother on Earth by Kate Klise - The circus has come to town and Little Rabbit is bursting to see them only his mother insists he first clean his unbelievably messy room. His room is so horrible; he is unable to clean it quickly, so he climbs out the window with the intent to join the circus.


Sports Illustrated Kids All Access - A behind the scenes look into famous sports stars. Measure your hand against Shaq’s hand, learn about Ernie Sims' pet kinkajou, see what is in Grant Hill’s fridge, look behind the scenes at the New York Mets' locker room, find out what is inside Kyle Busch’s NASCAR team hauler, look at the protection and padding underneath an NFL player’s uniform, and find out what is behind the artwork on some of NHL's top goalie masks.

A Pirate Cookbook by Sarah Schuette - Aargh, some recipes for us landlubbers! Scurvy soup, Blackbeard’s breakfast, sea swords, parrot punch, and chocolate gunpower are among the delectable goodies awaiting you!


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