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Kern County Library Staff Suggests...: April Recommendations for Kids

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Recommendations for Kids


The Dog in the Wood by Monika Schröder - A startlingly, sober account of Fritz’s life in eastern Germany at the close of WWII as the Russians occupy his small town. For older children.

Grounded by Kate Klise - Daralynn does not like dolls and now she has 237. Daralynn’s new nickname is dolly, but she would much rather be fishing- and going fishing without permission resulted in her being grounded that fall day so she was not with her dad, brother, and little sister when their plane crashed. Her angry and bitter mother takes a job at the funeral parlor as a hair stylist to pay the mounting bills. When Clem blows into to town to open a crematorium, Aunt Josie, who runs the Summer Sunset Retirement Home for Distinguished Gentlemen, falls madly in love. When 12 year old Dralynn suggests living funerals in an attempt to save the ailing funeral home, but then finds a stray tooth in a catfish’s mouth, life in tiny Digginville accelerates.

Lin Yi’s Lantern: A Moon Festival Tale by Brenda Williams and Benjamin Lacombe - Lin Yi is given money by his mother to buy the essential supplies for the Moon Festival. If Lin Yi bargains well, he hopes to have enough money remaining to purchase a coveted Red Rabbit lantern for the celebration. Alas, there is not sufficient money, and Lin Yi must decide what is most important. Lin Yi puts his family’s desires above his own, and although he sacrifices, he receives personal satisfaction, and later receives a special gift.

I Always, Always Get My Way by Thad Krasnesky - For anyone who has ever endured the presence of a busy three year old, this tale is for you! Emmy gets away with almost everything by reminding her family that’s she’s ONLY three, until the incident when she borrowed her brother’s new iguana and set him sailing in the flooding upstairs bathtub using her sisters shoe as a boat. The illustration of Steve, the iguana, in a bikini is not to be missed!


Can We Save the Tiger? by Martin Jenkins - Humans have changed the world over the years, and some of the plants and animals which we share the earth with have coped with those changes well, but some have not. This stunningly illustrated book discusses some of the extinct and endangered animals, and charges us to be concerned with their welfare.


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